The Forum CompraVerde – BuyGreen is the most important Italian and European event for public and private policies, projects and initiatives on green and sustainable procurement, ready for its XI edition. The main public and private organizations, at national and international level, that have adopted green procurement take part at the event. Two days on the state-of-the-art of Green Procurement through seminars, workshops, trainings, one to one exchanges, exhibition spaces will enable the discussion of the newest legal issues, of national and international best practices, and the opportunities in the field of Green Procurement.


The Forum offers an innovative format organised in different modules. Symposiums and seminars will focus on the dissemination of GPP in the European and Italian scenarios, sustainability as an horizontal criterion of European programmes, the role of GPP in eco-innovation, sustainable procurement in European cities and regions, sustainable building and low environmental impact infrastructures, green areas management, sustainable food, sustainable cultural and cinematographic events, circular procurement. The event includes: Exhibition Area, Conference Area, Green Contact Area and GPP Academy Training Area.


Public event days

Public bodies, private companies and non-profit organizations

Conferences & Workshops

B2B meetings

Free training sessions



Since its first edition, the Forum has been organized respecting the highest environmental standards for the sustainability of the events. Presently, the Forum is ISO 20121 certified.

All the stakeholders are involved in an awareness raising process and contribute to the reaching of the Forum sustainability objectives.

Components with recycled and re-used materials, waste differentiated collection and prevention, reduction of used products, use of compostable materials, cleaning services with certified products, use of paper from sustainable managed forests managed or eco-certified, use of biological food, reduction of packaging through the consumption of water tap and the free beverage service, programmes of energy consumption reduction, promotion of public transport and of transport sharing, hospitality and low environmental impact are a few of the aspects that characterize the event organization.


The Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen is an initiative promoted by Fondazione Ecosistemi, the Ministry of Environment, of Land and Sea Protection, the National Coordination Local Agenda 21, Unioncamere, Legambiente, Banca Etica. Sponsored by: General Beverage.
To participate as a sponsor of the event or a special initiative, please contact:


MATTM Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, ISPRA Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, Regione Lazio; Roma Capitale.


The 12th edition of the Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen took place at the Salone delle Fontane, Via Ciro il Grande, in the Eur district in Rome.

An area of 2500 square meters, which is one of the most representative locations in the capital.

The entrance with fountains, mosaics, columns, granite and gardens, introduces to the palace designed by the architect Gaetano Minnucci, in the early 1940s, for the Universal Exhibition.



Visibility and positioning
The Forum is an opportunity to identify or delineate the subject property’s market and place its own brand in the green and sustainable purchasing sector. The Exhibitor has a dedicated area according to the principles of sustainability and further customizable.
The Forum is a unique opportunity to launch new products and services considering his audience and media resonance. The exhibitor’s brand and core business presentation are present in the official catalogue, web site, the newsletter and social networks. There are other opportunities of visibility offered by national and international media, conferences and workshops.
The Forum is a meeting place, a B2B exchange with buyers, suppliers clients or partners interested in the process of purchasing or selling green goods and services. The Exhibitor can meet through a personalized schedule, based on his own preferences and interests (Green Contact).
CompraVerde-BuyGreen is the place, par excellence, for promoting sustainable production and consumption, where demand and supply meets in the single green European market. Participation enables companies to increase their reputation on sustainability and environmental protection issues.
The Forum dedicates to the participants free training and technical workshops to update public and private operators on innovations in the law and in the practices related to green procurement (GPP Academy). The exhibitor has the opportunity to improve with experts his level of knowledge.

To participate as an exhibitor contact


The Exhibition Area will allow the public and private exhibitors to give prominence to their projects, initiatives, green products, low environmental impact processes and skills orientated towards environmental and social sustainability and towards GPP. This area, characterized by recycled cardboard and wood components, has been designed to contribute to a friendly climate that favors the exchanges, relations, common projects that everybody recognizes at the Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen.



The Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen is a place of knowledge, technical study, dialogue and meeting with experts, public and private operators in a casual setting. The visitor can:

  • Attend seminars and thematic conferences to learn more about policies and strategies at national and European level
  • Understand how the demand and the supply of goods and services with a reduced environmental impact can be matched
  • Find out how applying minimum environmental criteria can favor the spread of sustainable canteens, low impact construction works, circular economy experiences
  • Getting involved with green purchases by choosing to delve into the aspects that are more relevant to your interests and / or your profession
  • Understand the choice of a product that has a lesser impact on the environment and find out what are the most advanced sectors and technologies in terms of sustainability
  • Experience a sustainably managed event, observing the details both in the layout, in the communication and choice of materials, foods and consumer goods.

Free access.



In order to support the dissemination of Green Public Procurement and of the Minimum Environmental Criteria, the Forum will provide a space entirely dedicated to the continuous and free training on sustainable procurement (GPP Academy), which, over the years, has seen the participation of thousands of specialized operators.

A hall will host sixteen free training sessions during which the best industry experts – indicated by the GPPbest network of the National Coordination Italian Local Agenda 21 and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and Legambiente – will alternate every hour during the two days, on topics such as: eco-labels, sustainable construction, sustainable collective catering, social criteria, circular procurement, assessment of costs along the life cycle, sustainable events, electronic market, verification and controls, GPP monitoring systems and other issues.


The exhibition area will host the Green Contact, a tailor-made calendar with appointments for the communication of products and projects of the exhibitory companies towards potential interested clients, targeting one to one meetings between institutions, central purchasing bodies, economic operators and associations, to exchange good practices, projects ideas, buying intentions, market preliminary consultations and sale of goods and services with low environmental impact.


Within the cultural programme, it will be presented the Compraverde Report, the 2nd report on the state of the art of sustainable production and consumption in Italy realized by Unioncamere, which analyzes the degree of diffusion of the minimum environmental criteria in Italian companies.



“Best green tender” and “Best GPP Policy”: a recognition of public administrations for their commitment for GPP or for their activities to promote and implement GPP as systematic action to introduce ecological criteria in public tenders. The award is realized with the collaboration of Italian Local Agenda 21.


Best canteen service, public or private, with low environmental impact: an award for canteens, public or private, that have shown particular attention to the quality of food (organic, zero km, seasonal, fair-trade) and to the reduction of the environmental and social impacts related to the management of the canteen. The award is open to central and local public bodies, universities and schools, local and healthcare enterprises and hospitals, cooperatives, private companies, consortia, foundations, organizations of volunteers that offer catering services or meal delivery to their own staff or their users. The award is realized with the collaboration of General Beverage.


Intended for the companies that have adopted an environmental and social qualification system for their suppliers. The award is intended to be an annual award offered to companies that have distinguished themselves by systematically adopting sustainability criteria in their purchasing processes and in the qualification of their suppliers. The award is realized with the collaboration of Unioncamere.


Intended for events or cultural organizations that reduced the environmental impacts of their activities, integrating environmental and social considerations into the purchases of goods and services. The award is realized with the collaboration of Federculture.


Intended for companies that produce materials for low environmental impact buildings; it is divided into two sections, one for innovative materials, the other for local origin and renewable materials. The award is realized with the collaboration of Officine Green Building.


Intended for Public Administrations that insert social criteria in their calls to protect the dignity of work and social and trade union rights.






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