A sustainable, low environmental impact event


Forum Compraverde Buygreen is the first Italian event to have obtained sustainable management certification in 2009 in compliance with the ISO20121:2012 standard, one of the most authoritative certifications at international level, which considers the details of individual organisational aspects and at the same time the overall management of the event, sharing with stakeholders a path to environmental improvement and building opportunities for the local economy.

Every year, the Forum organisers strive to make the event
greener in all aspects of its planning.

Reducing paper use through online communication and registration


Offline communication materials are printed on recycled and/or certified paper


The organisation reuses the communication panels and layouts from year to year


The event relies on the cooperation of suppliers, economic operators and local organisations


Separate waste collection is set up at the venue of the event




Water and waste reduction is achieved through communication and signposting on site




For mobility, the organisers promote public and/or environmentally friendly means of transport




The event compensates 100% of emissions with reforestation projects




Compraverde involves stakeholders as much as possible – in particular industry experts,
sponsors and partners – in order to raise everyone’s awareness of sustainability issues
and create a synergistic network to contribute together to the ongoing development
and success of the event.